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We Are Akira

 Key Observations & Solution

Key Observations from Current Architecture

  • Data from Batch and NRT sources are pushed directly to Manthan via Informatica ETL/Ingestion process
  • Datasets refresh and latency is not well managed in terms pipelines and jobs
  • Daily processing is taking more than 6+ hours for the data to get available for reporting.
  • NRT data sync is breaking most frequently, in-turn affects operational reporting and actions
  • Data redundancy and multiple data touch points incurs lot of infra cost, both in storage and processing

Proposed Solution Architecture

  • Solution architecture involves establishing a vision for data as an enterprise asset and guiding principle.
  • Architect for long term, focus not on meeting 1 or 2 use cases, but on enabling use cases through a platform that is Agile, Scalable, reliable and can flex with business needs.
  • Effective operational a governance model.
  • Agile data model and architecture that will enable necessary data capabilities.
  • An effective data quality, master data management, lineage of data and metadata management for a deeper understanding of data.
  • Analytical data insights that enable new business opportunities and processes