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We Are Akira

The Experts Behind AKIRA

At Akira, we firmly believe that our people are the driving force behind our success. We are dedicated to cultivating an environment that nurtures personal and professional development, offering abundant opportunities for growth and advancement.

Karthik Malreddy

Practice Head/AVP - Data Engineering

Data is what drives all the new age tech-platforms and businesses and to make it happen is where Data engineering and Analytics will come in. I have joined Akira with decade plus experience in Data Engineering & BI solutioning and it all started with modest steps which turned into challenging and satisfying implementation of enterprise solutions in the cloud data analytics arena. Akira has provided me with a platform to resolve new age problems that come with big data by leveraging modern solutioning and cater to a better % of cost savings, revenue growth & data sustainability which all lead to one of our core principles – ‘Customer Success’.  Life @ Akira enabled me to explore further by leading the Data engineering practice which not only enabled me to provide solutions to customers in Data Engineering, Analytics, Governance, Virtualization etc. but also helped to build the Organization core in recruiting the best talent, up skilling to market leading & solution demanding skill set for our in-house team and it’s a new learning experience every day by interacting with people from different levels across practices.  Being part of the core team and leading the practice enabled me to contribute to new opportunity development, strategic account growth, revenue management, team growth & management aspects of practice and cherish these learnings.

Priyanshi Durbha

Practice Head - BI & Visualization

Having spent the last decade servicing clients across industries and geographies, I’ve learnt how the power of data can be harnessed to not only solve problems, but empower an organization to confidently make highly impactful decisions. In AKIRA, I’ve worked closely with Indian retail giants for them to get to know their customers better so they can engage more with them and increase returnship, a problem that plagues businesses new or old. Organizations that can trickle down insights from data to the ground level, like store executives, can truly elevate business to the next level. Identifying and solving for several interconnected problems, whilst being humbled by real challenges such as data literacy, adoption and simplification of our solutions has been a challenge I’ve loved waking up to everyday. I find my team is equally excited and motivated by such propositions, and it’s a pleasure working in such a high energy environment where everyone is goal oriented. There are new opportunities and learnings everyday while working with my teams, and this makes AKIRA an unparalleled environment for me.

Shivam Rai

Practice Head/AVP - Data Science

As the head of Data science at a young and talented organisation, my experience has been exhilarating and fulfilling. Being surrounded by a team of brilliant minds who are passionate about their work has created an inspiring environment that fuels innovation and creativity. In my role as a technology expert, I have had the opportunity to solve multiple complex problems across various domains, which has broadened my expertise and deepened my understanding of data science. In this dynamic setting, I often find myself wearing multiple hats to tackle challenges head-on.I embrace the diversity of tasks and continuously push myself to deliver exceptional results. Collaboration is at the heart of our organisation’s culture, and I thrive on the spirit of teamwork, cooperation, and knowledge sharing. The collective intelligence of the team enables us to approach problems from different angles, leading to more robust and innovative solutions. Looking to the future, our focus is on progressing into AI and advanced analytics.We are eager to explore the limitless possibilities of artificial intelligence and its applications across various industries. Establishing a team of experts who are well-versed in AI and advanced analytics is one of my goals. By nurturing a group of talented individuals, we can collectively take on the challenges of the AI world and make significant contributions to the organisation’s growth and success.

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We Are Akira